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Fare Thee Well is the third single and video from the debut album The Autumn Came by Berlin-based indie folk band Charity Children. The heart-breaking lyrics for the song are adapted from a 17th Century anonymous poem in The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs whereby somebody mourns the loss of their dearest friend by drowning.

The music video, in a thoroughly modern take on the theme of loss directed by Sander Houtkruijer, is a love story gone wrong between an online stalker and a night-life personality looking for a friend. It focuses on two outsiders, and the unlikely events that unfold in a dark Berlin night.

Charity Children have come a long way since founding members Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee arrived in Germany’s capital from New Zealand three years ago and started busking. Since then they have recorded their debut album, signed a publishing deal, been picked up by Melt Booking, toured in Germany playing to soldout venues and have featured at some of Europe’s most prestigious summer festivals. Singing folk songs of joy and melancholy, Charity Children’s raw energy and enchanting melodies have captured the hearts of many and despite recent success they can still often be found on street corners in Berlin enchanting passersby with their heartfelt and infectious music.

Director Sander Houtkruijer is an acclaimed visual artist and filmmaker living in Berlin. He is best known for his video for Asif Avidan’s hit One Day/Reckoning Song (Wankelnut remix) which has garnered over 130 million views on YouTube. One of the main characters from that video features as the love interest in the clip for Fare Thee Well.

On the 18th August Charity Children will release the new music video for Fare Thee Well, the latest single from their debut album The Autumn Came.

The video is directed by acclaimed Dutch director Sander Houtkruijer whose clip for the Asif Avidan One Day/Reckoning Song (Wankelnut remix) has had a phenomenal 130 million views on YouTube. The Fare Thee Well video features one of the main characters from that video.

Mon Ami is the stunning second single from Mamaku’s “Twigs of Gold” album with Tui’s lead vocal developing from an almost whispered introduction in French to a powerful full-throated wail accompanied by a psychedelic crescendo courtesy of producer Monsieur E and guitarist Gareth Priceless.

The Mamaku Project was born of the meeting of two French Kiwi’s, Tui Mamaki and Monsieur E., both with a passion for song, music and travel. With one hand firmly in their roots and the other reaching into trans-cultural imaginings, the Mamaku Project have managed to create a reputation for compelling musical performances, embracing elements of Chanson, Dub, Gypsy, World Electronica and Poetry. Their engaging, evocative show has taken them to numerous arts and music festivals around the globe, including New Zealand (where they are based), Australia, Korea, Canada and Europe. The pool of talented musicians working with them, shifts and morphs over the years, revealing different incarnations of the music but always true to their antipodean roots. Collaborations with contemporary dancers and video artists have also furthered their theatrical exuberance.

Watch the video here:

Listen to more of the album here:

Atmospheric third single and the second collaboration with Cristina Pullano from Rooms Delayed’s haunting EP ‘Nothing Lighter’.

Rooms Delayed (aka Vincenzo Nazzaro, Italian musician) draws trajectories exploring the deepest folds of the soul through merging sounds that fade into one another. Its poetic melodies and captivating, albeit mild, sense of melancholy guide the listener into a land where colors, shapes and landscapes slowly come to life.

After the EPs So I Can Feel Through the Trees, A Day in my Room and various collaborations, last summer he creates Nothing Lighter, in which guitars, e-bow, delay, reverbs, field recordings and, sometimes, vocals develop a dialogue that engages the listener into enlightening visions and memories. Rooms Delayed conceives a real soundscape in which, beyond the sense of space and time, we could easily find elements that become instruments of perception towards a new inner vision where we will freely wander. 

We’re not ones to get all worked up about stats or anything but hey we just passed 4 million plays on our SoundCloud page! There’s now no fewer than 83 tracks up there for your listening pleasure… 

We’re not ones to get all worked up about stats or anything but hey we just passed 4 million plays on our SoundCloud page! There’s now no fewer than 83 tracks up there for your listening pleasure… 

Auckland’s Bright Child recently headed to the studio to remix Graveyard Love’s ‘Dance Dark at the Dead Disco’. The resulting synth-heavy alt-disco banger will be released as part of a Graveyard Love remix EP due later in the year.

As a preview for the remix EP, for a limited time the remix is available as a free download from SoundCloud.

You can listen to the original Dissociate EP here:

Waves is the third single from Robin Pahlman’s self-titled debut EP.

Following the breakup of his long-term band Agent Kooper, Finnish songwriter Robin Pahlman cut the strings on his electric guitar and moved to Seattle, WA. By chance, he found an old, beat up acoustic guitar at the flea market. Inspired by the instrument’s quirks and limitations, he challenged himself to step out of his musical comfort zone in order to take his songwriting to the next level. While studying literature and mapping out the city and the breathtakingly beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest on foot, songs about space, place, and travel were born.

Robin currently lives in Vienna, Austria, where he spends his time drinking coffee, recording music in his humble home studio, and regretting the fact that he can’t grow a full beard.

The third single from TDeL2’s debut album Barnegat is a beautifully atmospheric track featuring the hypnotic crackle of a log fire to warm up your earbuds.

Album available here:

To say that Luke Hurley is a living musical legend in New Zealand is no hyperbole. It’s been some 30 years since Hurley’s quirky first student radio hit, Mona Lisa, put him on the map and since then he’s toured constantly and become one of New Zealand’s most recognised street musicians.

Monkey Records celebrated his career in 2008 with a Best Of compilation put together by Monkey founder Nigel Braddock who first met Luke busking on the streets on Dunedin in 1987 when he was a student there.

30 years of busking has honed Luke’s technique as evidenced by The Sound, one of his more recent compositions on the 18 track Best Of which features highlights from six previously released albums. Available here:

Watch the music video here:

Another stand out track from the Gypsy Fever compilation featuring the best East European/balkan/klezmer music from Australia and New Zealand.

The Jews Bothers are well-known for their exhilarating foot-stomping hand-clapping repertoire, both original and traditional featuring wild Eastern-European dance medleys, neo-40s’ New York swing, gypsy “hot club”, schmaltzy waltzes and funky dance grooves. If you can’t dance to this band you gotta problem!

Gypsy Fever available here: or here: